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Toys to Use in the Dark

Posted on 01 August 2017

The lights are out, and your partner is waiting for you in bed. You love the feeling of darkness wrapping around the two of your bodies as you entwine in bed. Even something you love can use a bit of variety now and again, though, can't it?

When the two of you have the lights dimmed way down low, a couple quick additions to your bedroom can turn that darkness from "enjoyable" to "must-try-again-and-again!". Try some of these products in your next bedroom encounter:

Erotic Candle: Ahh. Let's start with the "tried and true" ambiance-inducer for dark, romantic surprises, shall we? But this one has an erotic twist! The Rainbow Pecker Party is a multi-color candle in, well, the shape of a penis! Light the wick in the dark, and all you'll see is the erotic shape of a life-casted penis. It's certainly a different experience than your standard tealight candles.

Massage Candles: Want your erotic candle experience to be a bit more on the "serious" side? We have what you need for that too. When the wax of one of our massage candle melts, it doesn't just turn into regular candle wax. Instead, it melts into a luscious, warm massage oil. Once the candle is blown out, the massage oil can be drizzled onto your partner's skin and massaged into their sorest (and most erogenous!) zones. The lit candle adds ambiance and a gentle, erotic scent while the warm massage oil will have your partner asking for more.

Light Up Mermaid Clothing: We're sure you've thought about truly surprising your partner, and we're here to make sure that happens. Turn off the lights. Let him/her lounge in bed, and then you...well, you can step out and be the only light in the entire room. With our line of Light Up Mermaid lingerie and dancewear, you get sexy designs that are covered in color-coordinated, bright lights. You will literally be the light of their life. Sound hot? We think so! Check out our Light Up High Waisted Mermaid Shorts, our Light Up Mermaid Bodysuit, our Light Up Mesh Duster, our Light Up Sequin Top, and our Light Up Sequin Mesh Shorts.

Glow-In-the-Dark Pastees: Want to wear your own lingerie but still stand out in the darkness? We have the solution for that too! We carry Glow-in-the-Dark Pastees – which are perfect for what you need. Let the pastees sit out in the well-lit bathroom before you put them on to "charge" the glowing material, and then slick them onto your nipples and step into the dark bedroom. Your breasts will be all that your partner will be able to look at!

Glow-In-the-Dark Condoms: Similar to the Glow-in-the-Dark pastees, you and your partner can have lots of fun with Glow-in-the-Dark condoms! Manufactured to the same standards as regular condoms, these condoms will offer a gentle glow in a dark room - making an erection seem all that much more impressive!

Neon Body Paints: Paint in the dark or in the light - it's your choice! But when those lights go off and you use the included UV pen, all of the neon bodypaints you put on your partner are going to be the most vibrant colors in the room! Consider using the Neon Body Paints to draw lingerie on your partner - or just naughty messages for one another that are easily revealed once the lights go off.

Glow-In-the-Dark Clone a Willy: Let's move onto something a bit more risque, shall we? If you want something to play with when your penis-equipped partner is away, the Clone-A-Willy can fit the bill. While the process to "make" your willy might be very giggle-inducing, having a detailed replica of your partner's package to play with anytime you want makes it all worth-while! While the Clone-A-Willy comes in multiple varieties (including non-glowing options), this particular one offers optional vibrations and night-time glowing material for your finished product.

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