About us

A self proclaimed unicorn, founder Zoey, was inspired to take her love of fashion and design to create a mystical, online adult boutique made for women by women. Her goal is to empower woman by discovering the unicorn in you. A space filled with a carefully curated selection of products that are feminine, beautifully designed, body safe, fun, and lighthearted!

Zoey encourages her customers to step out of the real world and into fantasyland. A safe and judgement free zone to shop for sexual wellness products, bedazzled clothes and accessories, adult novelties, and beyond.

We encourage powerful women to push past the taboo that female sexuality shouldn't be openly discussed. We want you to laugh, dance and prance around in your new unicorn onsie, holding rainbow dildo and feel AMAZING doing it!

Come live in our world, it's a lot more fun!



We are a small business that is thankful for each and every order. Email us at infothewhiteunicorn@gmail.com for additional info, product recommendations, questions or just to say hi!