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About us

A White Unicorn is that rare creature who is able to give you the thing you always wanted, but thought you you could never have. She is the the most majestical and amazing creature to ever be in existence. They say that she is the girl that you can't catch. Everything about her is so perfect (divine, if you will) getting with her is unfathomable. She is truly a blessing from God. Bumping into her on the sidewalk is a good day. Holding a conversation with her... you were probably dreaming. Anything beyond that - good luck. It takes time, effort, and a whole lot of persistency. But never give up, unicorns are said to be uncatchable, but nothing is impossible. If you are so lucky to catch her it is possible that she will be so amazing you that you will speak in tongues and forget what planet you live on. It is highly suggested you grab the horn tight and never let go!

The White Unicorn is an online site that sells lingerie, festival gear, party supplies and adult novelties. It was created to combine the love of fashion, sex and fantasy into one. We wanted to give you a luxury shopping experience that feels inviting, sexy, and fashionable. The products we carry are hand selected by women for women. Our goal is to break the stereotypes of woman’s sexuality and help you explore your desires. We believe that sex should be explored safely and free of judgments. All of our toys are free of harmful toxins and our products are shipped discreetly.

We are a small business that is thankful for each and every order. Email us at for additional info, product recommendations, questions or just to say hi!


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