Extended sizes or plus sized Lingerie or clothing generally refers to the band size of a bra that is 38 and above. Plus-sized lingerie is for those who wear a bra cup D or bigger; it is specifically designed to accommodate full-figured women.

If you are a plus-sized woman who is looking to spice up your wardrobe with an array of sexy lingerie and you don't know how to go about it, here are a few steps that you should follow so

Your curves are not something to be covered up.

Just because you have bigger boobs and curvy butts shouldn't serve as a reason for you not to look sexy in lingerie. Remember that bras are different, and there is always the correct bra size. You just have to find a retailer who sells bras that fit your cup size and enjoy the delight that comes with dressing up and looking sexy and adorable in lingerie that fits.

Look for styles that embrace your natural look

Some style will  fit your natural shape display your style, sexiness, and comfort. This will go a long way in boosting your confidence.

Different types of plus-size lingerie are tailored to make women referred to as plus-sized feel cute and sexy. They include

Plus size bra and panties

This is a matching pair of women's undergarments which consist of both a bra and panty. The panty is a high waist that covers a part of the stomach area, making you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time.

Plus size teddy

This features a floral lace fabric covering the upper part down to the thigh area; it has a pair of lace used to adjust the teddy to fit your size perfectly.

Plus size babydoll

This is a short, sleeveless, loose-fitting nightgown that resembles a dress but is shorter. Most times, it is translucent to allow for the vague appearance of underneath garments. It has a bralette, formed cups for cleavage, and is swingy and super soft, perfect when the goal is to show your legs.

Plus size romper

Also known as the playsuit, the playsuit romper is a full-body suit that is generally sleeveless, the fabric is much softer than expected, and it offers comfortableness when worn.

Plus size chemises

These are just chemises that are larger than normal and are designed to be worn by plus-sized women. Unlike babydoll, which is loose at the bottom, the chemise is tight at the bottom, which brings out your body shape.

Plus-sized women deserve to be comfortable in their bodies regardless of their body shape and size; thus, lingerie should also be in their shapes and sizes. Every piece highlighted in this article is everything a plus-size woman needs to feel and look sexy.

Plus Size Corset

Plus size corsets are great for creating a hour glass figure. They hold in your stomach while pushing up your boobs and straighten your posture for the ultimate sex appeal.