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Toys for Same Sex Couples

Posted on 20 June 2017

A quick look through some of the sex toys out there might make you feel like the mainstream adult toy industry caters to the heterosexual couple - and all things considered, it definitely does! However, if you're not in a heterosexual relationship, that doesn't mean that there aren't any options out there for you. While some sex toy companies are popping up that specifically craft and design sex toys for the gay or lesbian couple, those toys may not be available at your favorite retailers - and their purchase may not fit into your budget.


Finding toys that will work for you and your partner just requires that you think ahead about what you both would like to experience. Since some kits will likely have toys that the two of you don't need or want, buying individual toys is the way to go, and it will give you control over finding the specific items that work best for your bodies. Feeling a bit confused as to where to start? Consider some of these popular options:


Magic Wand Massager: While the Hitachi Magic Wand earns its reputation for being an intense clitoral vibrator, most people don't know that it works just as well for people with a penis as well. The spot just underneath the head of the penis can be extremely sensitive - and it can respond orgasmically to vibrations. No matter what body you have, an intense vibrator can be pleasurable.


Tokidoki Single Speed Wildstyle Finger Ring: Don't want intense? That's okay. Consider something like the Tokodoki Finger Ring vibrator. A lot less intense in power, this vibrator can be strapped onto a finger for targeted pleasure. Whether you want to hold this vibrator against yourself or your partner, against a clitoris or a frenulum, it has a bright design that's hard to lose and offers softer, travel-friendly vibrations that can be moved anywhere your finger goes.


Fetish Fantasy Bondage Tease Kit: Priced for beginners, this kit's lack of any genital-specific items will make it a good choice for couples of all body types. Enjoy the slight sting of the flogger, or enjoy the sensual, teasing touch of the feather or the metal chain. Playfully restrain your partner with the fluffy handcuffs - or take away their vision with the included satin blindfold.


Neon Bondage Tape: No matter your sexual identification, you can still fall in love with playful and colorful bondage! The Neon Bondage Tape is available in purple, pink, and blue colors, and you can mix-and-match the rolls for a vibrant restraint system. Pleasure Tape doesn't stick to the skin (only to itself!), and if unwrapped and stored carefully, it can be reused again and again.


Couple's Raging Bull C-Ring: If you have a penis, feel free to strap this stretchy little toy right on! However, if you're playing without a penis, consider adding this vibrating ring to the base of any of your favorite dildos or insertable toys. Not only will it add vibrations exactly in that specific area where you want them, but the soft texture of the toy can add more sensation when rubbed against the skin.


Sexpirements Bling Cuffs: A little bit of "bling" can take your average-looking bondage items into something more stunning, and that's exactly what these cuffs will give you! Including two snap hooks, you can connect these cuffs to each other, other bondage items, or just some furniture around your house.


King Cock Squirting Cock: All types of couples can get behind a squirting dildo. Use the dildo's squirting feature to easily and deeply apply lubricant or use it for a "surprise" sensation anytime you want. Make your own at-home solution, use the included Jizzle Juice, or use the toy's ejaculating feature to squirt lubricant.


B-Vibe Rimming Plug: Perfect for everyone who enjoys anal (because everyone has a butt!), the B-Vibe Rimming Plug can become a couples' favorite toy. Controlled by the wireless remote control, you can let your partner take charge of the vibrations and the intensity at any moment - even while in public! The Rimming Plug, while providing the most sensation, is also the largest of the B-Vibe line. Consider the B-Vibe Novice or B-Vibe Trio if you're new to anal pleasure or prefer smaller toys. The B-Vibe manufacturer is known for high-quality wireless connections that do well for your public adventures, so this toy can quickly become a little kinky treat!


Playful Tails! Whether you want to go with the Unicorn Tails or a fluffy Tailz Plug, playing with a tail can be a universal way to enjoy yourself. Pick a tail that looks pretty with a plug that seems like a good size for you, and enjoy the feeling of having a swishy, moving toy attached to your backside. It looks pretty sexy too!

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