Intro to Anal Play

Intro to Anal Play

Luckily for everyone, anal pleasure is the great equalizer of sexual pleasure. No matter what sex you identify as or what body you're born with, your body is just as capable of enjoying the world of anal sensations as any other body. Luckily for us, manufacturers like to take advantage of this fact, and there are hundreds upon thousands of anal toys out there for the orgamic pleasure of such an erogenous zone. Imagine wearing a small butt plug out in public with no one the wiser that you're feeling waves of enjoyment while you pick out tonight's dinner. Think about the enjoyment you could feel as you slide in anal beads, one by one, and add climatic enjoyment to your already-intense masturbation session. Visualize how much fun you could have with a toy specifically designed to hit the male g-spot. Fantasize about how pleasurable it might feel to be entirely filled by the intense sensations of double penetration. The anal area offers up all of these pleasurable activities - and more!

 However, despite all of these benefits, the anal area just isn't as often-explored as other erogenous zones of the body. On occasion, it's due to myths about health, but usually, it's due to nervousness and worry about playing in what many consider to be a "taboo" place. Luckily for you, playing with the anal area isn't too difficult. In fact, if you follow the basic tenants of "nothing sharp, everything needs a base, and use lots of lubricant", you could be set for your first anal experience without reading even one more word of this article.

 For those that really and truly like to be prepared, though, here's what you need to do:


Preparation: A lot of people are worried about potential embarrassing messes when playing with the anal area. No matter how much cleaning and prep-work you do, you have to accept that you'll occasionally have a bit of a mess. Not a lot, mind you, but a tiny brown spot on a toy will occasionally happen no matter how clean you are. It won't be anything that ruins bedding. That being said, the body can play with anal play anytime and anywhere. There's no "need" to do any of this prep-work. To reduce the likelihood of that small mess, though, make sure to eat a good diet. A high-fiber, healthy diet with regular movements will reduce the likelihood of this happening. Having had a solid movement within 4-12 hours prior is also a good idea. The likelihood of any messes goes down with smaller toys or fingers, so if you only plan to play with toys that are 3" in length with a small width, you'll very rarely encounter messes.


Find a Toy/Partner/Finger: Now you just need to know what you'd like to play with. Remember that your item doesn't have to be inserted. If you're more comfortable with just touching the entrance or playing with a vibrator around the entrance, you can definitely do that - and it will still feel great. If, or when, you're ready to insert something, you'll already know how pleasurable this area can be. If you're playing with someone's fingers, make sure their fingernails are very neatly trimmed. If it can be felt when the fingers are run along the facial cheeks, it will most-definitely be felt internally. This area is particularly sensitive to sharp sensations. If selecting a toy, make sure it has a flared base that will easily stick outside of the body and keep your anal toy from sliding into the body. Don't forget to grab the lube bottle too!


Use Lots of Lubricant: This is the most-important tenant of any part of anal play. Lube, lube, lube! The vaginal area is self-lubricating, but the anal area isn't. And no, you can't just steal some of the "lube" from the vagina for use in the butt. The butt requires a lot of lubricant to be entirely pleasurable. Use a bottle of lubricant designed specifically for sex. Water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based: it doesn't matter unless you're using a silicone sex toy or using latex barriers. (Silicone-based isn't compatible with silicone toys and oil-based will damage latex barriers) Thoroughly lubricate the entirety of the toy or object that you're inserting. Use your fingers and lubricate the entrance into your body as well.


Take Things Slowly: Once you've started, there's no reason to be afraid to take things slowly. In fact, taking things slowly is the best way to ensure you'll enjoy yourself. The butt requires very gradual stretching and movement until you're accustomed to all of the sensations it can provide. Don't be afraid to stop what you're doing and just let your body get accustomed to the size of the toy you're playing with. It's not odd to pull the toy out slightly if things get a bit too intense. Just remember that every step of this should feel pleasurable. If it doesn't, stop or modify what you're doing.


Clean Up: While this seems self-explanatory, you need to remember your toy/object will be introduced to more bacteria after play than other parts of the body. For that reason, make sure you give your anal toys a very thorough wash with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. If you're particularly adverse to touching toys that have been inside the butt, remember that you can always use condoms (including your old, expired ones on non-biological toys) for toy use for easy clean up or gloves for your hands.


So what could anal sensations feel like? Well, they should feel good! That's the base of any enjoyable sexual activity. Gentle touches around the entrance to the butt will feel similarly to the enjoyment you get from other erogenous zones such as the nipples or sensitive areas of the genitals. Penetration will feel a bit different, though. Many vagina-bodied people say that penetration in the butt feels a lot more like "stretching" than most standard-sized toys that go into the vagina. (The same stretching can be achieved vaginally with above-average sizes) This should not be painful, however. It will definitely feel different, but the stretching sensation is intense enough in some people to easily cause an orgasm while playing, so it's a good feeling - not a bad one.


If you ever feel any intense, sharp pain, though, stop what you're doing! In most cases, it means that you've inserted too much too quickly. If it's a large toy, consider a smaller toy or starting with your fingers first. If it's a toy with a varied size (as-in, it gets thicker towards the base), pull the toy back a bit and allow your body more time to get used to a smaller size before you continue. Remember that there's no shame or problem in staying where you're at or quitting for the day. Your body probably doesn't feel up to running a marathon or eating a banquet every single day of your life - it's the same with anal pleasure. Some days, you're just not going to be able to go as far.


Don't worry; if you're a beginner wondering what toys would be best for your first purchases, we have you covered. One of the most-important aspects to your first anal toys is the size. While it might seem fun to select toys that are thick or realistic-looking, remember that your body isn't used to that size. Instead, stick to toys that are 1" in thickness or smaller. Don't forget the other rule of anal play: "make sure it has a base"!


Consider these toys for your first escapades:

Booty Bling: A gemstone on the base of this plug partnered with its slimmer size makes it a good choice for beginners.


Tailz Rainbow Anal Plug: While you're going to have to take this one slowly due to its larger size, who doesn't want to have a fun tail to play with? If you have the patience to go slowly with this plug, you might find yourself excited to finally have a swishy tail.


LELO Bob: Designed specifically for prostate pleasure, this slim, understated plug works well for male-bodied beginners hoping to explore their p-spot.


Are you hoping to build-up to anal sex with your partner? Due to an influence of porn and just the standard response to want to try new sensations, many guys are interested in having anal sex with their partners. If your partner is one of them, you can feel comfortable in knowing that this article provides everything you'd need to know to explore that step. Be aware that going from anal novice all the way to penetration with a biological penis is what tends to cause pain and discomfort in most first-time beginners. Very few beginners will be comfortable with such an extreme change in size all at once. Instead, take the tips from this article and begin with small toys and fingers. Over the course of a month or two of regular, smaller penetration, you can begin to work your body up to larger items until you feel comfortable enough to try anal sex. Make sure your partner understands the importance of patience, and you both have used a large amount of lubricant before attempting.


And if penetration just isn't doing it for you? There's no reason to worry! I don't want you to feel like you're going to be missing out on all of the enjoyment that anal toys can provide because you won't. The external area of the butt is just as pleasurable as the interior. Consider using a vibrator or a finger to just lightly touch the entrance to your butt. Add a bit of lubricant, and the slick, sliding sensation can cause an orgasmic sensation all of its own!


Still not doing it for you? Don't do it any more unless you want to. We never want anyone to feel pushed into doing activities they're just not into, and if anal pleasure and anal sex don't seem like something you enjoy, there's no reason to keep doing it. Sex should be all about feeling pleasure and enjoyment - not "fulfilling obligations". Do what makes you feel good, and don't let someone pressure you into something you've tried and disliked. That being said, you might want to consider giving it a try again in the future to see if things have changed. The human body's tastes certainly change on a regular basis - whether it be for sexual activities or just for dinner.


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