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How to properly clean your sex toys! 101

Posted on 26 July 2016

Cleaning your sex toy may seem like a no brainer, but here are some facts to keep your favorite toy free of germs and keep it lasting longer.

First you need to figure out if your toy is porous or nonporous. Porous toys are plastic, TPR/TPE, cyberskin, elastomer, jelly rubber, nylon, and neoprene. Nonporous toys are silicone, glass and stainless steel. We sell a few nonporous toys on the White Unicorn but not many. They are significantly cheaper than nonporous toys but can hold bacteria if they are not properly cared for. ALL of our toys are Phthalate Free.

Nonporous toys can be washed with a toy cleaner, soap and water or you can boil it in hot water for 10 mins. We have several great toy cleaners that are inexpensive and great for disinfecting. Shop here.

Porous materials are more sensitive to temperature and prone to warping, so you need to wash these more carefully by hand. Some porous toys can’t be completely disinfected, so you should always use a condom when using it with a partner.

Some other things to consider-

  • Make sure to take the batteries out of your toy and turn it off before you wash it.
  • If the toy is not waterproof, then wash it by hand in the sink. And do not submerge the battery component under water. If you do, it will likely kill your toy. 
  • Make sure you are using the right lube. Don’t use silicone or oil-based lubes with silicone toys.  It will stick to the material and break down the surface of your toy. Go with water-based or hybrid lube instead.
  • Store your toy in an a separate box or bag to keep it from collecting bacteria in between uses. We have some great storage options. Shop here
  • Wash your toy before and after every use!


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