How to plan a killer Bachelorette Party.

How to plan a killer Bachelorette Party.

So one of your girlfriend is getting married and it's your job to plan her a killer Bachelorette Party. One last night with the girls that she will never forget! 

1. Plan your theme:

Whether you go with a pink penis party or a gold and white glamour party, it is import to decide on an initial look for the party. This will help you pick out the rest of the details for the party, so everything feel consistent.

2. Plan your invitations:

Your invitations should reflect your theme. We loved some of these ideas.


3) Plan your decorations:

This is probably the hardest step, because there are so many choices. Make sure you keep your theme in mind when planning them. You should use a combination of premade decorations and a few thing that are DIY to give it a personal touch. We love these ideas.

We have a great selection of banners and table top decorations on our site. Consider these options: (click on the image to add to your cart)


4) Plan your drinks. This is a place where you can really have fun. Consider some of these ideas


We have so many great options for your drinks on the site. Here are just a few (click on image to add to cart)




5) Plan some food. We obviously think you need a cake or cupcakes, but then you can have fun with various finger foods or nibbles.



Here are some products from the site. Don't forget plates!



6) Have some games planned. Consider a scavenger hunt or one for these preplanned games. (click on image to add to cart)



7) Outfit your Bride. This is all about fun, so I think the crazier the better. Make sure she has a sash, a head piece, some beads etc. (click on an image to add it to your cart)



8) Don't forget about the bridesmaids!



9) Lastly, have fun! Be Silly! Make it a great memory for your bride. Take some pictures! We love these photo booth cut out accessories. (click to add to cart)

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Do you have an idea but don't know where to start? Or do you not see the items you want on our site? We offer custom party plan ideas and packages to help make you party a success. Just email us at for more information and a price quote.






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