Lingerie is a type of intimate apparel worn by women, and it includes undergarments, sleepwear, and lightweight robes.

The bra and panties are the most common types of lingerie available today, but there is also a whole bunch of lingerie in the market that provide you with styles that are a little fancier and go beyond the basics. This type of lingerie includes

Bra and Panty Sets  

This is a sexy pair of women's undergarments that consist of two or more matching pieces design to wear together as a set. 

Garter and garter belts

This is a sensual, lovely ornamental touch of lingerie sets that comprise of underwear that is worn around a woman's hips and waist and has belts that dangle down the thighs to hold ends of a stocking.


It's a type of lingerie covering the top part of the woman's body down to the hips. It generally consists of both bras and girdles that tightly fit to train and hold the torso into a desired shape.


This is underwear or a swimsuit that adopts a V-shape. It consists of a fabric passing between the thighs and is attached to a band around the waist which exposes itself when one bends. It protects your clothes and body without showing through.  


It's a type of women's underwear in the shape of a straight hanging sleeveless dress that usually slim and fits the body around the mid-thigh. Unlike their historical uses, which were to protect the clothes against sweat, it enhances the sexual reputation and makes a woman feel sexy in her own body.

Sexy hosiery

This is a fine piece of clothing that is worn on the legs. Unlike stockings which go all the way up to the waist, hosiery just reaches the thighs. To improve sexiness, their color is matched with the color of the bra and panties that one is wearing.

Benefits of wearing lingerie

Boost self-esteem and confidence.

Women wearing lingerie like corsets, bustiers, and thongs, which are well-fitting and beautiful, make them feel good about themselves regardless of whether a person sees them or not. This boosts self-esteem and confidence among women as they like to be admired and desired.

They shape up intimacy.

Are you having problems with having sex? Is the sexual appetite between you and your significant other not appealing enough? Then look no further; lingerie can help you spice up your sex life by bringing that touch of sexiness required to jumpstart the fire in your love life.

Promotes good health

Choosing just the right size of a bra can help you boost your health as they prevent irritation, stress, and discomfort that come with wearing small-size bras. Also, small and tight size of panties can cause infection, irritation, and soreness.

Men like it when women wear lingerie

A good choice of lingerie can be used to appeal to your man. This will keep him wanting you and not have eyes for other women.

For these reasons, lingerie should be in every lady's closet.