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Have you heard of 420? On April 20 (420) each year many Americans, usually young people aged between 21 to 35 years, gather around the country to celebrate Marijuana, which is still illegal in some states.

States, such as Colorado and  California, which have legalized Marijuana usually experience larger gatherings during this day.

What is 420? Why 420?

It is believed that the 420 Marijuana holiday came as a result of ritual conducted by five high-school students back in the 70s.  The students designated 4:20 pm to be their meeting time to consume cannabis. They later shorted it to 4:20, which grew ultimately to become the codeword for consuming cannabis.

Eventually, cannabis enthusiasts converted 420 to 4/20 for calendar purposes and the marijuana holiday was born.

Several other theories explain the origin of 420. Some people say that 420 the police or penal code  section of marijuana in California. Furthermore, others say that it is the radio code for new york police for any marijuana smoking ongoing. However, the story of the high school students in the 1970s is the most widely accepted.

What is a 420 shop?

Nowadays, the support for marijuana legalization is overwhelming.  Festivities such as the 420 Marijuana holiday have become mainstream and are highly commercialized. Consequently, marijuana businesses are capitalizing on such holidays to market their products and maximize their sales.

A prime example is our 420 friendly online smoke shop. It is full of many stoner gifts that you can buy for a friend or a loved one, including weed socks, weed happy face drawstring bags, and other clothes themed for 420.

Also, the shop has high-quality devices used for consuming cannabis concentrates, including cool bongs, weed pipes, and weed starter packs for your 420 enthusiasts.

How 420 has led to a change in Marijuana legalization.

Many people have different perceptions of 420. While others see it as a day to have fun and get high, others see the Marijuana holiday as the perfect moment to push for legalization and celebrate the legalization of marijuana in other states.

Back in the 70s, Marijuana was part of a movement that used Marijuana as a symbol for protesting against wider systemic problems in the USA, including ongoing overseas wars, and the power of the corporate world in the country.

In recent times, activists of marijuana legalization have used the moment to push further the legalization of the marijuana/ their political agenda. Many activists want the authorities like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate marijuana products like alcohol.

How 420 is becoming a commercial event.

Originally 420 was meant to be the day to protest against legal and social stigmatization of marijuana. Since many states have legalized the usage of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes, several companies that have invested in marijuana are using the holiday to advertise and sell their brands.

Although the commercialization of 420 may make the day lose its counter cultural symbolism, it will make it a more celebrated day.


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