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7 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life with Kink (Without Getting Too Red Hot!)

Posted on 21 April 2017

You, my lovely shopper, clearly want to add more to your standard bedroom sessions. After all, why else would you be here looking at lingerie, adult toys, and sensual additions to your life? Don't worry, don't worry. We're certainly not judging you! In fact, we're applauding you for taking your sex life into your own hands. Why settle for less when you can easily add a few lingerie items into your bedroom - and instantly reap the results as you feel sexier, more confident, and just downright hot!


We don't want you to completely glance over our bondage section, though. I know, I know, some of the things you've heard about bondage might make you a bit wary of this type of play, but I promise - hundreds upon thousands of average couples experiment with bondage, and it really adds a whole new dimension to their sex lives! Not only will you be sharing a new experience with your partner (which is scientifically proven to increase your intimacy!), but many women report that standard pleasures feel downright explosive with the addition of just a few bondage items during playtime.


Still worried? Make shopping part of the foreplay! We don't know very many partners out there who would turn down the opportunity to sit at the computer with you and pick out all of the fun items they'd like to explore with you! This gives you both a chance to figure out what you'd like to play with, to let the excitement build, and to discuss what you would/wouldn't like to do. It's a safe way to explore the idea of kinky sex without actually having to seriously sit down and discuss it.


But of course, now I have the idea in your head, and you're curious about where to start. Luckily, the same place you buy your gorgeous lingerie also provides some bondage items to get you started on the right path! Still seeking inspiration? Well, try these 7 easy ways to spice up your sex life with the items sold right here on The White Unicorn!


Soft and Sensual Feathers: We're sure you thought we'd start you off with something more hardcore like rope or restraints, didn't you? Well, we didn't. The Feather Crop is a great place for beginners to start. One end of this lovely tool is equipped with soft, downy features that can be traced along the skin for a sensual tease. Alternate the soft teasing with light pats of the crop tip on the other side. Pleasure + a bit of tingling = Serious fun.


Mix Lingerie with Bondage: I know you already love lingerie - who doesn't? Why not mix your lingerie with a bit of restraint. The Corset with Cuffs is a lovely mid-section waist cincher with a classic red and black design. Attached to the waist cincher are optional wrist cuffs to offer an erotic visual for your partner and a restrained feeling for yourself. For added benefit, the cuffs can be unbuckled from the waist cincher and used independently.


A Simple Blindfold: Now that I've piqued your interest, let's explore some of the "standard" kink options - such as a blindfold. Taking away any of the senses - especially sight - causes the other senses to feel much more sensitive. That's the idea behind blindfolds, cuffs, and other items. When you can't see anything, those feather light touches from your partner will feel even more erotic. Where is he going to touch next? Is he sliding on a condom or just pulling out another toy to use on you? Wearing a blindfold, you can just lie back and enjoy the pleasure without feeling like you need to see every moment of the action.


An Easy Escape Restraint Option: If you're still a bit nervous about being bound, consider luxurious restraints that will allow you to easily untie yourself if necessary. The Corset Cuffs fasten up with a standard tie of a black ribbon. Untying the ribbon will instantly release you - which might be all of the reassurance you need to give cuffs and bondage a try. Of course, as your confidence grows, you might want to consider switching over to restraints that are harder to escape. It's up to you.


Make Bondage Fun! What if I said you could restraint someone with multi-colored bright tape - and it wouldn't hurt their skin when the tape was pulled off? That's exactly what Bondage Tape offers. Made from a material that sticks to itself but not to skin, a couple wraps of bondage tape offers an instant "binding" solution. Since the tape can be used on any part of the body and in any manner possible, the options are endless - and you can enjoy the playful experimentation of any kinky idea that comes to mind!


Explore Flogging and More: Contrary to popular opinion, most floggers don't have to hurt. Depending on how roughly they're wielded, floggers can be provide a bit of a sting, but if used gently, they can offer a soft, massaging sensation on the skin. The strings of a flogger can always be dragged along the skin for a soft, teasing sensation as well. Consider the Icicles No. 38. Not only does it offer long, soft flogger tails designed for sensual use, but the glass handle can be used as an adult toy as well!


Exploring a Kit: Kinky kits are one of the easiest (and most affordable!) ways to explore with new sensations. These types of kits tend to come with multiple types of kink items in a single purchase. In many cases, all items in the kit were designed to work well together, match in design, or just be used at the same time. Many kits offer some type of restraint, some type of spanking item, and possibly more! Consider our Masquerade Party Kit (which is clad in a gorgeous gold design!) or our Masked Desires kit (in a sultry red and black).


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