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  • Tush Tingle Anal Gel


Tush Tingle Anal Gel

$ 15.00


Have you been experimenting with anal toys, etc. again? Has your lover? Well, pull up a chair and read the latest news about heightening those sinfully taboo, yet very pleasurable sensations!

A Gel For Backdoor Play!
• Tush Tingle Erotic Anal Stimulation Gel has been specifically formulated to help you increase your sensual knowledge. Try a little –– or try a lot, it's up to you (actually, we suggest starting with a little, but you get the picture). The purpose of Tush Tingle Erotic Anal Stimulation Gel is to enhance, extend and amplify those special feelings back there.

So Many Ways To Use Anal Stimulation Gel!
• Use Anal Stimulation Gel with your favorite lube, your favorite sex toy, your favorite lover for more fun. And Anal Stimulation Gel is safe to use during oral play and with latex.

Great for beginners and the anally experienced, too!

Make your anal adventures even more daring. Add a dab of Tush Tingle Erotic Anal Stimulation Gel to your most intimate area and feel the fireworks!

• Tush Tingle Erotic Anal Stimulation Gel
• Formulated to increase sensitivity and pleasure in and around anal region
• Start with a small application, then experiment from there
• Safe with all sex toys, latex condoms, lubes, lovers
• Compatible with oral activity, too!

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